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Hi, I'm Chloe! I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and I help clients unlock their true potential by learning to manage their symptoms with skillful, evidence-based tools. My work focuses primarily on OCD and Anxiety treatment for adolescents and young adults, ages 12-24. I also have experience working with presenting problems such as depression, adjustment to major life changes, ADHD, trauma, family & peer conflict, and behavior issues. 

Therapeutic Approach 

I provide individual Exposure Response Prevention services through the telehealth platform. Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) is considered the gold standard treatment for OCD and other related anxiety disorders. ERP starts by developing a deep awareness of your symptoms and the thought, feeling, and behavior patterns associated. With that, I believe trust and a supportive therapeutic alliance are essential. Through creative techniques, motivational interviewing, and collaboration, we will spend time getting to know one another, identifying goals, and developing a plan of action that fits your needs.

Once you understand the ins and outs of your symptoms, it's time for the bread and butter of ERP. I encourage all my clients to take a risk and lean into the zone of uncertainty, as we put OCD fears to the test. Together, we team up to challenge the OCD and anxiety patterns. With a gradual, repetitive, and prolonged approach, you work on facing your fears. You'll learn the powerful technique of sitting with your anxiety as it naturally rides out without doing the compulsive behavior you would normally do. Overtime, you are rewiring the brain and transforming how you experience your symptoms. Essentially, the thoughts and feelings will wax and wane over time, but by changing how you respond to them gives choice back to you and you become free from the need to do rituals that are taking over your life. You begin to enter freedom to live the life you want to live.

When you reach a place of balance and stability that can be maintained independently, then we develop a relapse prevention plan to close out treatment. Together we explore barriers, alter strategies, and cope ahead for future challenges. Therapy is not meant to be lifelong, but the skills gained are ones that will help you ride the waves of your symptoms as they ebb and flow throughout life.

Background and education

I have worked closely with youth and families over the past 10 years through various roles as a coach, educator, and most current as a mental health therapist. I earned my Masters of Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology from the University of Washington. While earning my masters, I spent a year working in communal mental health settings delivering evidence-based outpatient interventions to youth and their families. Upon graduating from UW, I worked for over a year as a OCD and Anxiety Family therapist at Rogers Behavioral health. Along with working directly with individuals and families, I have been an active research assistance for a child development and behavioral research lab at Washington State University. 

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