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Therapy for Teens

Individual services for adolescents, ages 13+

I help teens develop strategies for managing OCD, anxiety, and other related issues. As an OCD and Anxiety specialist, I am equipped with a variety of evidence-based tools, all geared specifically for treating OCD and anxiety. This allows for treatment to be tailored to fit the unique needs and learning style of the individual, while confidently knowing that the strategies are effective and credible approaches for relieving OCD and Anxiety symptoms. 

Frameworks I utilize are:

-Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for developing fundamental awareness of thought, feeling, and behavioral patterns 

-Dialectical behavioral techniques (DBT) for building emotion regulation 

-Mindfulness based strategies for developing awareness, self-compassion, and mental focus - all of which are essential skills for fostering longevity of treatment outcomes

-Inference-based cognitive behavioral therapy - a cognitive based (I-CBT) approach for treating OCD and Anxiety. I-CBT helps by resolving the obsessional doubt that sit at the core of OCD and fear thoughts, and exploring alternative narratives that more accurately align with reality and the senses.  

-Exposure response prevention (ERP) - a behavioral based approach for treating OCD and Anxiety by gradually facing ones fears while simultaneously resisting compulsions. Individuals build a tolerance of sitting with uncertainty and take the power away from OCD/Anxiety rules that have a hold on their lives. 

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