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Maybe I Haven't Tried Everything - 
Parent-Coaching Services

Parenting is hard. Especially for parents whose child is struggling with anxiety, low mood, impulsive behaviors, or poor emotion regulation skills. I often hear parents say "I've tried everything and nothing works!", leaving parents feeling defeated and desperate. If this sounds like you, I want to instill hope again and provide you with my expertise in utilizing goal-oriented, skill-based strategies, shown to be effective at tackling difficult child and teen emotional-behavioral issues. 

Parent-Coaching Services


Parent coaching for OCD and Anxiety 

Symptoms of OCD and anxiety not only impacts the individual, but the family as well. Parent-coaching enhances anxiety and OCD treatment outcomes by providing parents with the tools they need to best support their anxious child. 


parent coaching

for behavior issues

Non-compliance, low motivation, and emotional outbursts can leave parents feeling stuck with what to do. Strategic behavioral techniques can give parents a sense of direction again and strengthen the parent-child relationship in a way that is also preventative for future challenges. 


Parent coaching 

for non-suicidal self-harm

Parents are often left feeling scared and helpless when they hear their child has been engaging in self-harm behaviors. Luckily, emotion regulation skills and positive parenting techniques are effective tools for enhancing how parents can best support a kid experiencing non-suicidal self-harm.  

Family Involvement 

At Ebb and Flow, I encourage parents to take an active role in their childs treatment. 

Research shows that treatment outcomes are significantly more effective and longterm when parents are involved in the treatment for children and teens. Parents have the greatest and most direct influence on their childs social-emotional development. With that, how parents communicate with their child, set limits and boundaries for their child, react in situations, and respond to their child all have a powerful influence on how a child learns how to manage their own emotions and challenges

The structure of the parent-coaching services are evidence-based, utilizing a behavioral-approach, designed to maximize skill development. 

1) Explained - Skills are explained verbally along with written descriptions 

2) Modeled - New skills are then modeled for you during session or with a video 

3) Practice - You will have opportunity to practice the new skill during session and at  home. Practice between sessions is the most valuable.

4) Feedback -  Receive direct feedback and coaching for skill mastery. 

The key is to start by strengthening the relationship. Developing a foundation of trust between the parent and child is critical. Children and teens need to feel they can trust their parents with their emotions. 

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