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Family Involvement 

 Tackling OCD and Anxiety takes a team effort. At Ebb and Flow, I encourage parents to take an active role in their childs treatment. 

Research shows that treatment outcomes are significantly more effective and longterm when parents are involved in the treatment for OCD and anxiety. Parents have the greatest and most direct influence on their childs social-emotional development. With that, symptoms of OCD and anxiety not only impacts the individual, but the family as well. In attempts to minimize triggering experiences for their child, families are often involved in the behavioral patterns and rituals. Parents of children who have OCD may avoid saying triggering words, take on extra household responsibilities, buy excessive cleaning supplies, or wait for long periods of time while their child completes extensive rituals. This creates substantial stress as parents and families feel exhausted and stuck with how to help.


If this sounds like something you are currently facing within your family, ERP may be the right treatment for you and your child. 


What parents can expect:

-Receive psychoeducation to learn about symptoms of OCD and Anxiety and the thought, feeling, and behavior patterns

-Learn about symptom accommodations as they relate to your child 

-Rebuild the relationship between you and your child

-Implement systems and techniques to boost your childs motivation and learning 

-Return to the family norms, structure, and flow that was prior to when symptoms took over

-Free yourself from feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and worry


Find balance within your family again. 

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