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Therapy for Young Adults


 Late teens & early twenties is a time of transitions & self discovery. Simultaneously, the added demands of learning to juggle all of life responsibilities can bring on an array of overwhelming challenges.

What college am I going to go to? How do I apply for jobs? How am I going to live alone? 

Because of all these changes and added stress, it is common for the severity of OCD and anxiety symptoms to begin or worsen during young adulthood. Symptoms can really impede on an individuals quest for independence and negatively affect the sense of self. With that, not being able to meet the expectations or young adult norms is met with feelings of shame and can lead to secondary symptoms of depression, low-self esteem, or hopelessness. It can be hard to envision a future that isn't controlled by OCD. 

Fortunately, there is a treatment that works. Ebb and Flow for young adults provides individual ERP services through the telehealth platform. ERP therapy is a skill set that involves time, persistency, and practice. But, it does work and you can live the life you want to live. By becoming an observer of the current moment, embracing uncertainty, and resisting from acting on compulsive urges, you can learn how to work with your symptoms rather than against them, and transform the trajectory of their life. 

If you feel ready, I encourage you to lean in, confront your fears, and break free. 


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